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About Dianne Brill

To be successful you have to make a commitment that no matter what, you will always be true to yourself.

Never lie about who you are, what you think or what you want. This commitment gives a trust that helps others to believe too.

And when someone else believes you are two already.

And that's where it all starts to happen ….

Top Model with some of the best make-Up Artists in the world, Queen of the Night with False Eyelashes and Waterproof Mascara at steamy hot parties, Actress, TV-Reporter, Magazine Columnist -- Ms. Brill knows what women expect from Beauty Products because she herself is the ultimate customer.

Ms. Brill adheres strictly to her own Design Philosophie and creates award winning beauty products of supreme quality – designed by a woman for a woman. Treasured by Stars, made to encourage and support every woman to exude her own radiance. Glamorous, innovative, personal and always fun and with a sense humour.

Each of the DIANNE BRILL products is a combination of the best of nature and the best of technology.

Ms. Brill 's wish is to give every woman a personal feeling of pampering, sexyness and glamour and create small everyday luxuries to heighten each woman's respect for her own inner and outer beauty.

All of the products contain exclusive and luxuriant ingredients – such as freshwater pearls, mega-infusions of active vitamins, antioxidants, and top performing nourishing and scientifically advanced moisturising components.

They feature unusual pleasing textures and outstanding immediate effects and are at the same time seductively tantalising, with fascinating colors, unexpected effects and caring.

The Dianne Brill Beauty Collections are available in a number of selective stores but more and more through direct contact with our customers, the WOMEN WE ADORE.

Our Collections can be found in our online shop, at selective TV_Shopping events and -- coming soon, new and fascinating -- through DIANNE BRILL DIRECT SOCIAL SHOPPING!
Ms. Brill believes in direct contact with her customers, the network between Dianne Brill the designer and the women who enjoy Dianne Brill products. Women with a sense of luxury and a sense of fun. Women who  are part of the 'feeling' and embrace the Dianne Brill Philosophy, who are ready to recommend DIANNE BRILL to their friends and colleagues.