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As Hostess of a DIANNE BRILL HOME SHOPPING PARTY you benefit from valuable product rewards and attractive discounts on future purchases !

As a Dianne Brill Hostess you will be the center of attention, you'll impress your guests with unique products and you'll give them the chance to place their orders. Being a Dianne Brill Host is fun – but it must be worth your while as well.

As a Thank you for hosting your party, Dianne Brill will reward you with valuable and attractive products of your choice.

The higher the sales at your Party, the higher your earnings in product rewards. And in addition you will receive discounts of up to 40% on future purchases.

Your earnings potential:

Party Sales: Beauty-Bonus as Product Reward: No. of Dianne Brill products 40% off:
300-499 EUR 10% of sales, d.h. 30-49.99 EUR 2
500-799 EUR 15% of sales, 75-119.99 EUR 3
From 800 EUR 20% of sales, d.h. 160 EUR and more 4

Please note:
Your Party needs to be registered beforehand through the Dianne Brill website. Party sales include all sales less VAT, returns and shipping costs.
Party sales need to originate from at least three different customer orders. Beauty-Bonus consists of product rewards which expire 6 months after the event. Beauty Bonus not applicable on discounted products.