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As a Dianne Brill Stylist you decide for yourself how much you earn !
As a Dianne Brill Stylist you decide for yourself when and how much time you invest and how much you want to earn.

You decide if you invest just a few hours per week to earn some extra income, for a little something you would like for yourself, a night at a restaurant maybe, or for the ballet classes of the kids.

Or perhaps you want to spend more time to earn enough to enjoy that dream vacation of yours, or to contribute to the new car.

Or give it your full commitment and aim for a six figure annual income. The decision is absolutely yours…
As a Dianne Brill Stylist you will earn 25 – 30 % commission on all your net sales, no matter if at Home Shopping Parties at your house, at a Host's place, or through your Dianne Brill Online Shop.

Plus you benefit from the generous reward programs that will give you a variety of credits and bonuses, to buy new sample products for example, or to get the latest Business and Display materials. And of course there are ultra-glamorous trips to Stylist Meetings in Ms. Brill's hometown New York City, which your STYLIST WORLD will keep you updated about !
Home Shopping Parties usually generate several hundreds of Euros in sales; this can vary and be less but we also see parties with sales in the thousands.

The more parties you and your hosts do the larger your network of customers gets, and the more customers will replenish their products from YOUR personal Dianne Brill online shop. So you are earning not only from your current party customers but also from every single online re-order.

In addition, you can build your own teams. Recruit new Stylists among your customers and Hosts, help them start their business and coach them with their parties and online sales.

Each new Stylist will earn her own 25-30% commission. And can build her own teams. And you will receive not only 25-30% commission on your personal sales as a Stylist but also up to 18% commission on net sales of your teams, for an unlimited number of teams, and for up to 4 group-levels below you!
All you need to get going as a Dianne Brill Stylist is your registration and your Starter-Set with a selection of exclusive Dianne Brill bestselling products. An investment starting at 199 € will get you award winning products worth over 400 € in product value from the various Dianne Brill Collections plus all the tools to start your Beauty Business.

Read our detailed Compensation Plan with all information on your earnings potential and start your own flexible, social media based Beauty Business as a Dianne Brill Stylist today.