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"Be a Dianne Brill Host, celebrate with a glamorous Dianne Brill Home Shopping Party and just feel fabulous! "

Become a DIANNE BRILL Host, activate your social network, friends, neighbors, new friends, and have a great time hosting an exciting DIANNE BRILL HOME SHOPPING PARTY.

At your home, your office or any other favorite location. In the morning, during the day or at night, for about 2 or 3 hours, whenever it fits best in the schedule of your day.

Enjoy valuable product rewards and attractive discounts on future purchases as a Thank You for your party.
Direct Social Shopping is the Social Networking experience. We always come together with people we like for entertainment, to have fun – and absolutely to shop. Nothing beats the personal presentation of seductive products in your own social environment, with friends, colleagues, neighbors, entertaining, informative and in a relaxed personal atmosphere ...

Invite who you would like and, be the center of it all and just feel great.

Share the fun and let your guests discover Dianne Brill's awesome world of Beauty with you as their welcoming host.
Indulge in testing the products with peers, share your feelings and let Ms. Brill's Beauty-Philosophy fascinate you.

Impress your guests with Ms. Brill's unique award winning and beautiful products and give them the chance to order directly from you.
Hosting a DIANNE BRILL HOME SHOPPING PARTY is easy. Ms. Brill knows a thing or two about good parties and will support you with tips and tricks. It is for good reason she was named the "Queen of Parties" by the New York Times and Andy Warhol said "The best party I ever went to was Dianne Brill's birthday party".

A supportive Dianne Brill Beauty Stylist will help you invite your guests, organize the party and present the Dianne Brill highest luxury products.

Get in touch with us now. We will have your personal Stylist contact you to help you get the Dianne Brill Beauty Feeling.