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Be a Dianne Brill Stylist and start your own flexible social media based Beauty Business !

Join Dianne Brill and share the success !

Dianne Brill Cosmetics offers you the chance to build your own, fulfilling, social media based Beauty Business with feeling.

Be a Dianne Brill Stylist, enjoy every minute of what you do and feel great earning from what you create !
You call the shots while you organize relaxed, easy, and rewarding Dianne Brill Home Shopping Parties in a comfortable atmosphere with friends and guests in the homes and spaces of your excited and enthusiastic Hosts. Ms. Brill knows a thing or two about good parties and will support you with all her tips and tricks and lots of marketing material.

Ms. Brill believes in direct social shopping because it is personal – Dianne Brill Home Shopping Parties combine world-class Beauty Design, award winning products and fun with friends.

Personal touch in a welcoming environment, combined with easy, innovative e-commerce and gorgeous little Dianne Brill beauty treasures is a great way to earn a living. And what a great feeling to be your own boss in a business you love !
Present the glamorous Dianne Brill products, advise your guests und support them trying out your favorite items. Help your customers to fill their orders and earn a commission of 25-30% on every sale plus a great variety of bonuses, premiums and incredible incentives.

As a Dianne Brill Stylist you do not have to invest in closets full of sales product or carry the risk of your own inventory. You simply make the sale and Dianne Brill Cosmetics will ship the merchandise directly to your customers.

Meet amazing new friends and manage your business effortlessly with STYLIST WORLD, your STYLIST ONLY innovative online back-office.

You will be surprised how fast your social network grows and how many successsfull Home Shopping Parties you can organize.
Use of your own personal Dianne Brill Website and offer your party guests the chance to replenish or buy their new Dianne Brill products at your own personal Dianne Brill web shop anytime they like.

Earn 25-30% commission on each online sale and Dianne Brill Cosmetics will ship the merchandise directly to your customers.

As a Dianne Brill Stylist you are completely flexible with your time and can perfectly co-ordinate your job and your personal life.

Just a few hours per week will allow you to successfully organize Home Shopping Parties and run your Dianne Brill online shop alongside of your job or family, or as an enjoyable hobby that will earn extra money and give you that awesome feeling you have been loooking for.
Or you may decide to go for that six-figure annual income and a carreer as a Star-Stylist or a Director! You can train new Stylists, build your own sales force and benefit with up to 18% commission on your team sales on top of the 25-30 % commission you are earning with your own personal sales. Your options are limitless!